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Our goal is to enable commercial divers and underwater inspectors to
work effectively and safely with reliable and customizable equipment.

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About Novasub

Novasub’s goal and achievement is to design and make reliable and innovative products for commercial diving and underwater inspection companies to ensure their work is done effectively and safely. Novasub realizes this by using new technologies and to be constantly innovating with a team of experienced engineers and developers. Novasub products are based on a lot of diving experience and on feedback from clients who use Novasub products.

The Novasub brand is established in 2004 by Tono Fuentes from Spain to design and manufacture reliable underwater communication, video & lights systems. When Tono had built the first system he met Martijn Juijn, who was the owner of Seascape and an experienced commercial diver. Both were impressed by each other’s knowledge and they decided to work together on the Novasub products. Since then Novasub is a brand of Seascape Subsea and has been used by commercial divers and inspection companies for years.

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