The NSAVR-HDVL is an autonomous video recording system with powerful lights. When turned on the light will work full power for 6 hours! Optional is time lapse what makes it possible to record for long period of time.

The NSAVR-HDVL is an autonomous video recording system with powerful lights. The camera is based on a GoPro Hero4+ Black camera module which is built in a pressure proof housing. The lights are two powerful LED lights of 6000 lumen at 6500K color temperature, which is near daylight. The system has an battery compartment which can hold two battery packs. Each battery pack can be quickly changed by the extra supplied spare batteries. The battery are each loaded at the sides of the battery compartment. The system is switched on with a switch plug. The Switch plug activates the lights and camera to switch on and the camera to start recording. Unplugging the switch plug, stops the lights and recording and will switch of the camera after 1 min.

The light power can be set from 0-100% with and internal potentiometer. Lowering the light power increases the autonomy drastically. The camera &light front bar can be tilted. The batteries are charged in 3 hrs.

The camera housing has a SD-Card Cap to quickly access the SD memory card which holds the recorded files. The SD card can be removed and quickly replaced by an empty card. The camera housing also has a network connection, which can be used to access the GoPro Hero4 using the activated Wi-Fi. The supplied software makes is possible to access the camera and change the recording settings. The Hero4 can also be accessed using the GoPro app on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Two daylight Leds (6000 lumen @6500K)
  • Autonomous video recording (1080P@50 fps can store 8:44 hrs.)
  • Easy to use and install
  • Quick swappable batteries
  • Extra NSHERO1 camera
  • WIFI enabled GoPro time lapse and scheduler accessory
Plastic (Acetal and Lexan) and Stainless steel
Operating depth
500 m
Operating time
6 hrs. with lights at full power
Charging time
3 hrs.
LifePO4 batteries, 26 Vdc@ 15 Ah (4,8 kg)
580x585x210 mm (WxLxH)
Weight Dry
Without batteries fitted: 29 kg; With batteries fitted: 38,5kg
Weight Wet
Complete with batteries: 15,8 kg in water
Type of camera
GoPro Hero4+
Recording time
Depends on resolution & framerate settings, ex. 128 Gb SD-Card and settings 1080P@50 fps can store 8:44 hrs. of recording
Novasub LUX6M, set for 0-5 volts control (6000 lumen@6500K)
Light Control
Lights intensity preset control in battery compartment, 0-100%
Switch plug, switching system on and start recording, stop recording and switching system off
Extra connector
1x TCBH4F connector for extra NSHero1 camera connection (2x 5 Vdc power supply)